Need a Sun-kissed tan?!

Feel like EVERYONE came back from Spring Break with a tan except YOU? No Problem! Hair International Day Spa now offers Spray Tanning! At our introductory price of 3 treatments for $60, even YOU can afford to sport a lovely tan without the damage of soaking in the sun's damaging rays.

How long does a Spray Tan last, you ask? They normally last 5-10 days depending on how dark you want to be.

How to prepare for a Spray Tan?

1. Make sure you shave or wax before your appointment- 24 hours before.

2. Be sure to exfoliate your skin 24 hours before your appointment.

3. Please come without moisturizers, makeup, perfumes, or deodorant.

4. Try to keep solution on till the next morning, shower it off.

5. Put moisturizer on after you have showered off the bronzer.

How much is this Spray Tan?

For one session it will be $25, but we do recommend getting our 3 sessions for $60. You save money this way as well!

How often can I get a Spray Tan?

We recommend getting one once a week if you want to keep up on your sun-kissed look!

When should I get one before any formal event?

You should schedule to get one 2 days before your event.

So save your skin and look fabulous at the same time!

Visit us at to review all of our spa services including spray tan or give us a call at 812-339-5222 to book your appointment!

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